On December 7, 2018, it has been published in the Honduran Official Gazette, Decree No. 136-2018, through which the Land Transportation Law of Honduras is amended. In order to regularize the relationships between suppliers and contractors of freight transport services.

The president of the Honduran Institute of Land Transportation, (IHTT) Pyubari Williams, emphasize that the approvals went directly to three approaches:

  1. Focused on the reforms of the Land Transportation Law of Honduras.
  2. Focused on tax exemptions that are taken through a legislative decree
  3. Focused on cost reforms within admission fees.


  1. In relation to the new customs codes and increase of transport units, they agree to expedite all related procedures.
  2. Goods in Honduras bound for Panama will be mobilized exclusively by Honduran transport.
  3. The contracting of a cargo insurance for the service contractor is mandatory.
  4. The Public Cargo Transportation Contract Registry is created, in charge of the Transportation Authority (IHTT), in which all transport services contract must be registered.
  5. The Honduran Institute of Land Transportation (IHTT) undertakes to have the existing scales enabled 24 hours a day, every day of the week, on business days and non-working days.

This new law seeks to make the procedures in the IHTT more efficient, with a system with modern technology. With the modernization of transport, the figure of the “bus man” is eliminated when changing from an artisanal transport system to an organized and business one

In the process of modernization, the technology in the public service contemplates that the units must have a metal detector, Global Positioning System (GPS), security cameras, alert buttons and the payment method by prepaid cards and others, such as provided in Article 88 of the Land Transportation Law of Honduras.

The vision of this Law is to guarantee the security and good service to the users of public land transport.

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