In October, proposals will be received to begin the reconstruction of the ports of Henecán and Amapala, in the departmento of Valle; it was announced, within the framework of the strategy of turning the southern zone into a pole of tourism and productive development.

Also, the reconstruction of the main roads in the area, including the Pacific Corridor that will link the customs of Guasaule and El Amatillo, as well as the section that connects Jícaro Galán with Tegucigalpa.

The objective of turning Honduras into the Logistics Center of the Americas has as its essential work to transform “the ports and airports of our country, in cutting distance between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, can generate a land channel for merchandise transport from one ocean to another, thus developing a port center that is a reference and therefore generates opportunities for the Central American region.

The intention is to improve the efficiency and volumes in the handling (import / export) of the cargoes that are currently operated (liquid bulk, solid, containerized cargo, new vehicles, and merchandise in general), in addition to expanding and diversify the port services portfolio of the Central American region on the Pacific coast.

It is projected for this Mega port to become the main shipping port for agriculture products and raw materials destined for the Asian market, especially South Korea, Taiwan and Japan.

The development of the work will be based on the construction of an anchorage with a capacity for four large ships. It will have the capacity to receive post panamax type boats, which are the largest ship in the world.

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