The shipping container market it is millionaire. In the world, about 40 million packages of this type move with an annual renewal rate of 10%. It is also a very unbalanced sector that generates 18.6 million euros in losses every year. (according to data Drewry Shipping Consultant), in addition to the environmental cost of CO2 emissions applicable to transport.

The worldwide transport of containerized goods has a problem with the return of empty containers. While globally importing world areas (Europe and the United States) accumulate empty containers, exporting areas (Asia, mainly China) have a continuous need for containers as transport equipment to maintain their activity level. Sending an empty container can be very expensive and polluting.

The folding container, has the same characteristics as a standard container, performing the same requirements of the ISO standard in terms of dimensions and structural strength, but, when it is empty, five containers can be folded and packaged in the space of one.

In this way, the cost of transporting empty containers (road or rail land transport, sea transport, and ship loading and unloading operations) would be lowered. Its impact of reducing 20% ​​of CO2 emissions, an 80% reduction in the need for space in transport and storage, and a 50% saving in the costs of transporting empty containers.

They have started with the 20-foot container, but they want to reach 40’HC technology and other intermodal container models.

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